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About Us

Designed BY a mason FOR a mason

The Grout Grunt™ was invented and designed by Giovanni Agazzi, a bricklayer for over forty years, business owner since 1979, and current President/Owner of P & M Masonry, Inc. located in Livonia, Michigan. Manufacturing and sales of the Grout Grunt™ – and our new and improved Grout Grunt™II – has become a family-based business.

Inspired by Necessity

Giovanni knew that grouting operations can be costly, time consuming and messy. He searched the market for a product that would speed grouting and be cleaner at the same time. Every option he found had its drawbacks: Grout pumps are labor intensive to set up and clean up; transit trucks are never timely; bucketing is messy on the wall and because there is no control of how much grout is being scooped, employees are subject to lifting hazards. Giovanni figured he could come up with a better solution.

Thus, the Grout Grunt was born: a lightweight, ergonomic and user-friendly tool that scoops the same amount of grout every time, and which employees quickly and easily become accustomed to using. The key to every aspect of business that involves grouting is efficiency. Maximum efficiency leads to maximum production, which in turn leads to maximum profit. The larger, lighter Grout Grunt™II maximizes efficiencies even further for higher returns and less field time.

Product Development

The initial Grout Grunt™ prototype was made of metal, weighed approximately 10 pounds and held approximately 0.6 cubic feet of material. Through extensive on-site testing and further design modifications, we have achieved an optimum shape and capacity for our Grout Grunt™ products that is ergonomically friendly and easy to clean. Manufactured of injection molded plastic, the shape consists of a trapezoidal lower half and rectangular upper half. With continued field testing, we have developed a second version, the Grout Grunt™II, that has a higher capacity, lighter weight, one-piece design.

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Grout Grunt™ is patented in the USA (Patent No. D533418) and we are working towards a patent in Canada.



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